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Factory Equipment

The Equipment Engineer works at the interface between the fields of production engineering, maintenance and process engineering. Equipments are our strong portions of the firm that we can show our strenth and strongness.

The task of the Equipment Engineers are the development and support of the entire life cycle of the equipment, including the associated production processes in the areas of planning, implementation and optimization of a production.

Factory Equipment Nos./Set
Welding Transformer Air Couled 100 Nos
Argon Welding Machine/Rectifier 30 Nos
Welding Generator 05 Nos
MIG Welding Machine 04 Nos
Welding Rotator 02 Nos
Gas Cutter Set 52 Nos
CNC with AIR PLASMA CUTTING Machine Size:2000 MM * 9000MM 1 Nos
Manual Air Plasma Cutting Machine 2 Nos
Plate Bending M/C 3 Nos
Pipe Bending M/C 2 Nos
Redial Drill 3 Nos
Drill Machine 12 Nos
Hydraulic Hacksaw machine Upto 300MM 1 Nos
Grinder Machine Wolf,Black & Decker 28 Nos
Errection Winch 3 Nos
Chain Pulley Block 20 Nos
Workshop Area 65000 SQFT
Crance 10 Tone Capacity(Hydra) 2 Nos
Crance 12 Tone Capacity(Hydra) 5 Nos
Crance 14 Tone Capacity(Hydra) 4 Nos
Crance 35 Tone Capacity(Telescopic) 1 Nos
Crance 50 Tone Capacity(Telescopic) 1 Nos
Crance 60 Tone Capacity(Telescopic) 1 Nos
Crance 120 Tone Capacity(Telescopic) 1 Nos
Boom Lift(80 Feet) 1 Nos
Boom Lift(120 Feet) 1 Nos
Hydraulic Press Machine(500 Ton Capacity) 1 Nos
12Ft. Leathe Machine 2 Nos
20Ft. Leathe machine 1 Nos
Milling Machine 1 Nos
Hydro Test Machine Motorised 1 Nos
Hydro Test machine Manual 1 Nos
D.G. Set 65 KVA 1 Nos